A Path of Peace
Transforming Our Daily Lives through Meditation and Reflections on the Wisdom of Buddhism
Who We Are
We come from all walks of life, to practice meditation together; enriched and deepened by presentations and discussion of the Buddha’s teachings; and supported by group fellowship.
We practice to improve the quality and richness of our daily lives; to calm and awaken the mind, to help make the world a better place for ourselves and those around us - to walk the path of peace.
We are not at all about dogma or religiosity. We are not recruiting anyone for anything. While certainly inspired by the Buddha and his teachings, our programs sometimes use material from other traditions. You might say, “We are about the message, not the messenger”. 

We Offer
We offer weekly meditation and dharma teachings/discussion and periodic meditation retreats. We practice three types of meditation: 
  • Concentration (samatha) – to develop a mind that is calm, focused, steady and clear-seeing 
  • Insight (vipassana) – to develop a mind that sees and accepts life as it is – finding peace with its fundamental characteristic of impermanence – free from the distortions of greed, hatred and delusion 
  • Loving-kindness (metta) – to develop a mind infused with the radiant quality of an open heart, responsive to the authentic needs of both self and others

Our Weekly Schedule
We have been holding these sessions, along with day retreats, for almost three years. Our two teachers have decades of practice and seventeen years of combined teaching experience. We invite you to join us, and to let your interests help grow and shape our activities.

​​Our regular programming is offered on Saturday mornings:​
  • 9:30 AM – Sitting and Walking Meditation – We begin with a 40 minute meditation sitting, followed by 20 minutes of walking meditation. 
  • 10:30 AM – An hour of varied programming, typically a dharma talk and group discussion or a book study discussion. 
  • 11:30 AM – free-form fellowship and, if you wish, a second, optional meditation sitting.

Are you new to Meditation?
Need some introduction to meditation? 
We will be HAPPY (really!) to meet at 9:00 AM whenever anyone contacts us to request it. This will let us welcome newcomers, to discuss what we offer and let you tell us what you hope to get from attending. This can also be a great time more experienced meditators to discuss individual practice questions, or meet with Resa or Jon to discuss whatever is on your mind. Again, this will be "on request". Otherwise, we start at 9:30 AM.​

What else is there to see?
Please take a look at the rest of our site. The menu will take you to our:
  • Schedule - takes you to our MeeUp page, which lists the dates, topics and themes of our coming events
  • Location - takes you to Maps showing where we meet!
  • Resources - recommended books, plus articles on meditation practice, dharma talks, etc..
  • Retreats - describes our next retreat, lets you register and pay fees online 
  • Contact Us - reach out to our teachers and webmaster with questions, comments or suggestions​

Come sit with us!