A Path of Peace
Transforming Our Daily Lives through Meditation and Reflections on the Wisdom of Buddhism
Resources - Articles
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Basic Instructions for Concentration Practice - adapted from a handout used by Mid-America Dharma; by Philip Jones, Jon Yaffe and possibly others.  Note: you will find a link to an article that takes this up more fully on our Resources - Homegrown page.
Instructions for Insight Meditation
- Mahasi Sayadaw
​​The Satipatthana Sutta
​There are many translations of this beloved quintessential sutta, and a host of worthy books reflecting and elaborating on it. Many of the teachings and discussions in our Saturday class touch upon it, and lately there have been several requests for us to post links to it. Here is a short list of translations. You might sample each to find the one that feels best to you.
The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People - not particularly Buddhist in flavor, and darkly whimsical, you might find this a helpful a "wake-up call". See how many of these behavior patterns have a hold on you, or on others you know.